Features of 3-Die Form Rolling Machine Series

With our innovative 3-die form rolling machine, you can raise threads with high precision and high efficiency on thin, hollow-wall workpieces, disk shaped workpieces, and eccentric metal workpieces. Such workpieces are difficult to process by conventional rolling machines. What’s more, this machine has great flexibility applicable to various workpieces thanks to the wide selection of optional parts we offer.

3-Die Form Rolling Machine (A22B)
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Unique Rolling Mechanism

NISSEI’s innovative, horizontal 3-die form rolling system provides both an appropriate workpiece positioning during rolling and easy handling of the workpiece.

Self Centering Design

Three horizontally positioned and rotating dies accurately center the workpieces and produce uniform threads job after job without indexing the workpiece center.

Easy Set up

By positioning with the graduations on the scroll ring, all the dies will be fixed simultaneously. So you can set up in an extremely short time.
Rolling pressure is transmitted to the die holders through the hydraulic cylinder or the cam system. Each of the three roller dies performs with the same rolling pressure. The hydraulic type machine allows step-less rolling conditions.

Wide Variation of Workpieces

Our optional die holders accommodate an extremely wide variation of workpieces.

Product Examples Made by the NISSEI 3-Die Rolling Machine Series

High-precision thread (JIS 4h), left-handed screw, multiple thread screw, pipe-thread, burnishing, Stem-shaped workpieces can be processed.

Machine Specification

Series-Model Type:
Applicable Thread Machine Capacity
Max. Outer Diameter
Max. Length
Cycle Time
n-feed 6.4~82.5 60.3 0.5~3.0 2~12
n-feed Please contact us for detail.

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