NISSEI's form rolling machines provide accurately shaped products comparable to the cutting or grinding process with much lower cost and higher efficiency. The times demand production cost reduction plus environmental preservation, so this net- shape process (one uses the entire blank workpiece and does not generate scraps) or near net -shape process is eagerly welcomed in the industry. This makes form rolling an ideal process for both cost reduction and environmental preservation. NISSEI form rolling machines offer not only shorter processing time but also lower processing and facility costs than that of cutting or grinding processes.

Products shown below are examples manufactured through our form rolling processes. NISSEI's new technology eliminates much of the difficulty that used to be attached to their production.

Ball Screw

Efficient rolling machine performance is a must for processing ball screws. Where the processing length is over 300mm, our CNC form rolling machine can process up to 6m of workpiece with the through-feed rolling process (feeding the work between the dies continuously). In this case, the basic capability of the machine is the major factor in the quality of the product. Our CNC form rolling machine can provide JIS C3 ball screw quality (measured right after processing).

Worm gear

Worm gears have a large potential demand but the high cost of conventional processing has limited the demand for the product. NISSEI CNC form rolling machines have succeeded in developing worm gears for automotive electric power steering units. This success accelerated our development of processing worm gears for other applications. Nowadays the drive unit and the break unit are considered the most growing application for the product.

Gear processing

NISSEI's advanced rolling machines with precise dies eliminate the need to shave gears after the hobbing process. Especially for sintered gears, we offer densified higher accuracy when the shaving process is replaced with processing by our form rolling machines and dies.