Features of Comet CNC Thread Rolling Machine (FA-20/CNC)

The NISSEI Comet series upgraded to CNC machine by installing Galaxy's basic functions to realize greater capability and higher cost performance.
Three-axis synchronized control cultivated in the process of developing the Galaxy CNC series is compacted into the FA-20/CNC. We offer a wide selection of optional conversions including automatic operation.

Comet CNC Thread Rolling Machine (FA-20/CNC)
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Main Spindle Rotation Computer Numeric Control

The main spindle's rotation can be controlled by the precise rotational angle detection system.

Spindle Slide Spacing Control

The space between the main spindles can be controlled by the precise position detection system.

Force Thru-feed rolling

Optional device of the Servo slide center rest allows for one machine to perform both Force Thru-feed rolling and In-feed rolling.
The rolling position in a part-axis direction can be specified accurately. Thus forming at two or more locations on a workpiece in one crump and one cycle is available.

Product examples made by the Comet CNC Thread Rolling Machine (FA-20/CNC)

Reciprocal form rolling
Sintered Gear
Finish Rolling
Reciprocal form rolling
Ingot Gear
Finish Rolling
Thru-feed form rolling
Ball screw
Force Thru-feed form rolling
Hollow Spline form rolling
Compound form rolling
Trapezoidal Thread and Splin

Machine Specification

Series-Model Type:
Applicable Thread Machine Capacity
Max. Outer Diameter
Max. Length
Max. Rolling Pressure
Max. Spindle Revolution
Max. Tilt Angle
FA-20/CNC In-feed 100 195 0.5~8.0 200 75 ±5
Thru-feed 50 4000

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