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Proven the top rank in ISO 16130 vibration test

Junker vibration test machine

We have evaluated the locking performance with the Junker vibration test, called the most severe test for bolted joints, in ISO 16130. The relative clamp forces of all PLB v2 remained almost constant during the vibration test, and the final rate of any residual clamp force exceeded the reference value of 85% given in the ISO16130 standard. PLB v2 demonstrates the highest rank in ISO 16130 though no fastener systems can archive this offer.

PLB v2 vibration test result graph
Test Performance
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Easy to install and remove with standard tools

PLB v2 offers high usability performance because it can be assembled and reassembled using typical manual or power tools!

PLB v2


The inner nut moves ahead of the outer nut during the tightening process, therefore, you drive the outer nut only. One assembly action secures the joint!


You remove the outer nut first with a tool, then the inner nut is easily removed by hand or tool.

Low maintenance cost

PLB v2 can save on maintenance costs thanks to ultimate joint retention and reusability performance. The PLB v2 System doesn't depend on high assembly torque to maintain joint integrity.
Therefore it can be Easily Reused because the PLB v2 components are not damaged due to over-torqueing.
We have conducted the performance tests for the PLB v2 System, compared to the traditional fastener systems, with the Junker vibration testing machine. Please see the video.

The bigger vibration, the stronger PLB v2 is in effect.

PLB v2 offers the best performance in the application especially where severe vibration occurs. The pictures below show some of the fields in which PLB v2 can be useful.

PLB v2 market

See for yourself,
*Up to 10 Free samples may be provided to test in your application

We are looking for a company that would like to test the PLB v2 in their actual application. We can provide PLB v2 samples suited to your needs, depending on Size, Material, Class. Surface treatment, etc.
If you have a high volume application and need more than 10 samples please get in touch with us using the PLB v2 contact form and we will review your program requirements.

Current sizes and materials

Size:M8-M24 is readily available. Other sizes can be developed as needed.
Material:PLB v2 can be produced using any of the typical fastener Materials and Processing requirements

To license

The Business is protected under IP.

PLB and PLB v2 are protected intellectual properties.

PLB intellectual properties

For fastener manufacturers, NO additional manufacturing processes are required for production

PLB v2 can be produced by simply mounting the PLBv2 thread rolling dies, provided by us, in your machine. The PLB v2 products can be produced by the same manufacturing methods and procedures as standard bolts and nuts.

Rolling by cylindrical dies machine

Bolt manufacturing procedure

Bolt manufacturing procedure

Nut production

Nut production

No production machinery investment is required.

We can provide the PLB v2 thread rolling dies suited to your existing machinery. Therefore, there is no need to purchase new machinery for PLB v2 production. We build dies for all types of thread-rolling machines.

PLB v2 Production Methods

PLB v2 threads can be produced by cutting, forming, casting, and thread rolling. We have a patent for the structure of PLB v2, so the licensee has increased manufacturing flexibility because we do not restrict the manufacturing process for production.

PLB v2 dice


  • No additional process.
  • No introduction of the new machine.
  • No development and manufacture costs.

For better understanding

How PLBv2 Works

The PLB v2 system consists of a dual-thread bolt or screw, two nuts with different thread lead angles, and a lock washer. The inner nut, with a larger lead angle on the bolt, is a multiple-thread nut; the outer nut on the bolt, is a single-thread nut.
When PLB v2 is subjected to vibration, or a loosening force of any kind, the force initiates the loosening of the inner nut. The slow-moving outer nut will block the inner nut's progression, forming a mechanical lock that is the secret to PLB v2's anti-loosening design.
No other fastening system in the world uses this theory.
This mechanical locking mechanism is our secret performance development to other systems using only high torque and "friction" to prevent loosening. The PLBv2 System creates the best benefits for users, including high anti-loosening force, ease of maintenance, and extensive reusability...

PLB v2 principle

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As strap pin
4/22/2022 the excellent prize of "the 34th medium and small-sized business excellence new technology, new product prize" public section.
As bolts
03/05/2024 Received the "2023 Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Award".

11/02/2023 Received the "39th 2023 Sokeizai Industry Technology Award".
10/31/2023 Received the "20th 2023 Super Manufacturing Parts Award Monodzukuri Japan Conterence Co-chairman Award".

01/23/2023 Winners of the Ninth Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards
The Minister of Economy Trade and Industry Prize


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