PLB v2 feature

As for double nuts assembly, vibration initiates loosening with the inner nut. With PLB v2, the inner nut's advance is blocked by the slower moving outer nut.
Most other anti-loosening kits use "friction" for it's anti-loosening function in spite of it's uncertainty. PLB v2 has a reliable solution. PLB v2 locks the nuts with a mechanical system that prevents them from loosening.
Severe vibration generates more blocking force. See how it works in the movie.

The first PLB came out in 2010. Since then, big changes that improve bolt performance were made to the thread pattern.

Easy handling of PLB v2 in installing and removing.

With the improved threading, only the outer nut has to be tightened. The inner nut will follow naturally. Bolt removal requires the outer nut to be manually loosened first, and then the inner nut can also be removed.

PLB v2 bolt combines a single thread and multiple threads.

Threading of PLB v2 requires specialty dies made by NISSEI. The dies can be used on an ordinary thread rolling machine.
The dies can roll PLB v2 in one action.

PLB v2 cross section

Reducing maintenance cost by anti-loosening

Money is saved by reducing the need for bolt maintenance with Perfect Lock Bolts. Safety is enhanced with bolts that resist loosening through fail-safe mechanical resistance.The pictures below show some of the fields in which PLB v2 can be useful.

PLB v2 market

ISO16130: PLB v2 passes the test!

Junker vibration test machine

The vibration loosening tests are conducted using a Junker test bench (J121, Vibrationmaster) in accordance with ISO16130. The right picture shows the outer appearance of the testing machine and the test fixture in which the fastener to be tested is installed.

[Vibration test procedure]

  1. Apply lubricant to the bolt and place it on the J121 test bench.
  2. Fasten the outer nut by normal wrench.
  3. Then, the test starts.
  4. The change in clamp force during the vibration test is measured until a specified number of load cycles (N=2000).

The relative clamp forces of all PLB v2 remains almost constant during the vibration test, and final rate of any residual clamp force exceeded the reference value of 85% given in ISO16130 standard. Accordingly, PLB v2 has an outstanding self-locking characteristic. No other anti-loosening kit exceeded more than 85% according to our home testing.

PLB v2 vibration test graph
PLB v2 compare graph

Do you want to be a PLB v2 producer in your area?

PLB v2 dice

We are looking for local bolt or parts manufacturers to roll and sell the PLB through a licensing arrangement.
We supply dies for PLB v2 production in accordance to your machine specification. We can sell PLB v2 more than 100 and less than 5000pcs.

The procedure under here is ordinary bolt manufacturing. All you need for PLB v2 production is our dies. Nuts can be manufactured under our guidance.

Bolt manufacturing procedure

Bolt manufacturing procedure

Nut production

Nut production

What about size? Material?

PLB v2

M10-M16 sizes are readily available. Please ask us if you need a different size. As for material, if rolling is possible then PLB v2 can be made from that material.

Intellectual properties

PLB and PLB v2 are protected intellectual properties.

PLB intellectual properties


Contact us for details about acquiring a license to produce Perfect Lock Bolts.