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    Form Rolling Revolution
    Are you still shaving away?
    High productivity! High strength! Low energy!
    Ecorogy! Low noise! Saving material!
    High precision beyond the common sense!
  • Nissei provide you
    various form rolling machines!
    CNC form rolling machine
    Gear finish rolling machine
    Screw rolling machine
    3-die form rolling machine
    Z-Comet gear roll
  • Shape your dreams with Nissei!
    Worm Gear
    Gear processing
    Spline form rolling
    Small sized flat and hollow screw
    Compound form rolling
    Resin form rolling
    Worm Gear
    Gear processing
    Spline form rolling
    Small sized flat and hollow screw
    Compound form rolling
    Resin form rolling

Informatin and topics

We are going to participate NAMM show2020!! January 16-to19,2020 at Southern California.
Using PLB technique, we developed a new product called Perfect Lock Bolt strap pin. This is an equipment for Electric guitar, strap pin that never loosened.
We are looking for sales REP both in EU and USA.
If you have interested please contact to us!!

Thank you for comming to The 6th METAL FORMING FAIR TOKYO 2019.

Apr.24th 2019
We have partnered with EVIRT Italia s.r.l. for cross sales of form rolling machines.
EVIRT manufactures 3-die form rolling machines and a large 2-die form rolling machine with a form rolling force of 120 tons. We will sell these form rolling machines as "NISSEI EVIRT" brand in Japan.

More detail will inform on this web site soon.
We are replacing NC equipment.
NC equipment is difficult to acquire parts in the future when receiving notice of discontinuation of production of maintenance parts from manufacturer of electronic parts. Moreover, I am concerned about machine down due to sudden trouble.
Therefore, we will propose replacing the NC device.
Please consider this opportunity.
March 27, 2018, our company president Toshinaka Shinbutsu obtained a doctor’s degree in engineering at seventy one years of age from the graduate school of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.
The Subject of the doctor thesis is “Development of double thread anti-loosening bolt to prevent nuts reverse rotation.

About Nissei Co., Ltd.

[!!The greatest form rolling technology IS in front of Mt.Fuji, Japan!!]

We are committed to creating a Win-Win relationship between Nissei and the users of our form rolling machines.

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TV media interview

TV media interview

We accepted the local TV media interview about PLB and other products.

Nissei head office in spring

Nissei head office in spring

You can see several form rolling machines and examples of form rolling at showroom. Showroom is next to head office. Please come and see our products.

Exhibition in Turkey(Oct.2012)

Exhibition in Turkey(Oct.2012)

Our president explain the Perfect Lock Bolt to turkey customer.